The Relationship between Teacher Burnout, Teacher Seniority and Students' Age Level and Israeli Teachers' Use of Emotional Labor Techniques in their Teaching Practice

Racheli Zaretsky and Yaacov J. Katz


The present study examines the relationship between teacher burnout, teacher seniority, age of students taught by the teachers and teachers' use of emotional labor techniques in the classroom. The study is unique in that it is the first attempt in Israel to conduct a quantitative research study that addressed the topic of emotional labor in teaching. The researchers used "The Emotional Labor of Teaching Scale" (TELTS) questionnaire to assess the emotional labor techniques used by 170 female teachers belonging to the modern Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox educational sectors.


In addition to the TELTS, the teachers responded to a teacher burnout questionnaire and to a demographic questionnaire. All three questionnaires were administered via the internet. The results of the study indicate the existence of a significant relationship between teacher burnout and the differential use of emotional labor techniques. However, no relationship was found between teacher seniority and age of students taught by the teachers and the use of emotional labor techniques by the teachers. These results emphasize the need for additional studies that will further examine the validity and reliability of the TELTS instrument for all sectors in the Israeli teacher population as well as the need for mixed design (quantitative and qualitative) studies that will sharpen the ability to draw research conclusions regarding emotional labor of teachers in Israel.